Monday, November 30, 2015

Minutes of Nov.18 Meeting

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FNRT-MC Minutes
November 18, 2015
Franklin Regional Hospital
Board Attendees: Alex Bernhard, Steve Darling, Tom Frantz, George Heaton, Craig Heim, Lindy Heim, Myra Mayman, Steve Rayno, Nita Tomaszewski, Jack Shields
Guests: Heather Deardorff, Ed Hiller, Ricker Miller, Prescott Towle
Meeting began at 7:08 PM; adjourned at 8:57 PM.

Two presentations began the meeting: 1) milepost markers, from Ed Hiller; 2) vegetation control in Franklin, from Prescott Towle.
The discovery and reclaiming of granite milepost markers for the trail has been pursued avidly by Ed Hiller and others, and has involved considerable liaison with the State of New Hampshire. (See FNRT-MC News Release of November 16, 2015.) Last month, the State DOT agreed to release three mileposts, currently at a remote location. Ed Hiller has arranged to have the 3 mileposts trucked to the VA Cemetery in Boscawen for safekeeping until the spring, when they can be installed on the trail. (See further discussion of budget implications below.)
Prescott Towle presented a plan for vegetation control on a 12-foot swath on the trail in Franklin. The application proposed would be two herbicides – non-persistent – to eliminate both grasses and invasives. The need for this application is particularly strong in Franklin, and trail abutters seem in favor, making Franklin a test case for the remainder of the trail. If herbicide were applied, a DOA permit is required, but not abutter notification if the work starts by May 25, 2016. Prescott’s estimate is $4800. (Note the action item below, authorizing additional quotes and the consideration of different possible approaches.)
After these presentations, and the exit of Ed and Prescott, various reports and items of business were covered.
  1. Heather Deardorff was welcomed as a new Board Member. Heather is a resident of Belmont, and Associate Director of College Advising at St. Paul’s School. Welcome!
  2. The minutes from the October 21 meeting were unanimously accepted.
  3. Steve Darling’s Treasurer’s Report was unanimously accepted. Steve noted that 2015 donations – currently $8444 – are poised to exceed 2014, and that Bank of America will provide matching funds to employees. Steve has made the requisite filing with the State of New Hampshire for a charitable corporation for this year. He also suggested that Heather Turner be given $200 for her web site work. This was so moved, seconded and unanimously accepted.
  4. Carried or Deferred items included: reports on technology and hotel and restaurant mapping, given nothing new to report; and maintenance, given the coming of winter, and Peter Southworth’s absence.
  5. The Board wished to recognize Peter Southworth in absentia, and to send its best wishes to him and his family with a card.
  6. George Heaton reported on the status of the Federal Transportation Alternatives program funding, now before Congress. Prospects for funding at prior levels look good, as amendments to eliminate the program were defeated. December 5 is the date for the Conference Committee of House and Senate to agree on a final version.
  7. Nita Tomaszewski began discussion of a grant application for Recreational Trails to the State of New Hampshire, which was pursued in more general discussion later.
  8. The prospect of a first-time annual budget was put before the group. While budgeting is recognized to be a good idea, it is currently complicated by existing bills, new grant applications to be made, and the lack of precise estimates of costs. Alex Bernhard offered to pull together all such information and circulate a draft budget to the Board by email. If necessary, this can be discussed at a special and/or a later meeting.
  9. As no meeting will be held in December, the next will occur on January 20, 2016, at the Boscawen Church basement. Heather Deardorff will make the arrangements for this and notify all.
Some motions were made, seconded and approved:
  1. Authority to spend up to $1330, for milepost restoration project.
  2. Authorization to Jack Shieldto solicit two new quotes for different approaches to vegetation control of the trail in Franklin.
Respectfully submitted by George Heaton