Friday, April 24, 2015

April 15 meeting minutes Friends of the Northern Rail Trail in Merrimack County

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Andover Fire House
7:00 p.m.

FNRT Board Members Present: Alex Bernhard, Steve Darling, Craig Heim, Myra Mayman, Joyce Morton, Ellsworth Morton, Peter Southworth, Bob Ward, and guest Larry Chase.


  1. Approval of March 18, 2015 minutes
  2. Treasurer’s Report Steve shared the current changes and additions to our accounts.
  3. Correspondence: There was a letter of appreciation with some photos of the trail and historic stone culvert arches.
  4. Old Business
    1. Maintenance. We reviewed our last maintenance meeting with Chris Gamache, Chief, Bureau of Trails, and local snowmobile club members. Bob Ward (President) noted that Chris Gamache estimated a cost of $600-$2000 on a NH trail (per mile) annual maintenance which is much higher than we have experienced in our 10 years of trail maintenance. We discussed our annual maintenance budget; liability issues & RR guard rails, and insurance to cover the FNRT board. Alex suggested Peter ask the Andover Board of Selectmen if the town could mow the Andover portion of the Trail. Bob wondered about the five towns along the Rail Trail also contributing to trail maintenance as well as Merrimack County. He will contact the County Commissioners.
    2. Technology report. Steve reported he is considering a small web site upgrade.
    3. Map with hotels and restaurants. Steve Rayno is working on this.
    4. Kiosks at 2 Welcome Centers. Ellsworth is making progress for the two locations, E. Andover Fire Dept. & the Boscawen Jamie Welch Park.
    5. Rotating Meeting Locations. Alex suggested we meet in Franklin for our May meeting and continue with a regular meeting rotation in Andover, Boscawen, Franklin and Danbury. We will send out a targeted email notification to the members of the host town.
    6. Report on Boscawen signage. Jack Shields is working on the blue DOT signs around the Hannah Dustin rest area (at the rotary). People would be directed to Commercial St. where they could park and then ride on River Rd. to the River Rd. trailhead. When the design is completed, Alex will bring us a budget to approve. Bob will arrange for the June meeting to take place in Boscawen.
  5. Action Items (All)
  6. New Business
    1. Bob reviewed a Franklin growth initiative meeting focused on attracting an elderly population that highlighted the Northern Rail Trail. Bob also identified a proposed link from the Rail Trail to the ‘Winnie’ Trail.
    2. Representing the Andover Historical Society, Larry Chase asked if FNRT would co-sponsor the opening of an exhibition of Charley Freiberg’s photographs of the Trail on National Trails Day, June 6. We will invite FNRT members. The idea received lots of support as we share the Potter Place trailhead. Larry also notified us that the Andover Historical Society is planning to raze the Lull house next to the Potter Place store to provide restrooms for the public. The AHS is hoping we can help out with maintenance.
    3. Joyce reported that there was a healthy and helpful response to a postcard mailing, asking for people’s emails.
    4. Upcoming meetings and events:
      1. April 23 Thursday’s Child dinner at New London Inn.
      2. National Trails Day, Saturday, June 6, 2015.
      3. May 20th meeting will be held at the Franklin Regional Hospital.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00.
Respectfully Submitted,
Peter Southworth, Recording Secretary